We have faces

Alexandros Manos
Founder, CEO

With an Economics / IT background Alex has an international experience in leading global brands in diverse projects since 1998.

Keen to envision and deliver the business results of communication work, Alex believes in the no-frills, max ROI, efficiency focused approach to communication issues. A partner more than a consultant, Alex views communication work within a “define problem – find solution” framework.

Alex embraces the technological revolution & digital innovation as forces of transparency, empowerment and expression.  

Virna Ntanou
Deputy CEO, Partner & Head of Create

Virna has an extensive experience with global brands in Greece and abroad working for awarded advertising agencies and brands.

She considers marketing communication as a force to evolve, always excited to jump into unchartered territories, challenging projects and transforming ecosystems.

Firm believer that purposeful brands can create stories and experiences that bring meaning to people’s lives.

Virna thinks that creative inspiration can be found in the most unlikely places as long as you look for it.

Rita Makraki
Business Unit Director

Rita has worked with top international brands -within corporations or agencies – building and shaping brands.

Very client focused, she believes in making every client feel precious. Networking, connecting and building relations is her hero power.

Her mantra “Every goal achieved is an opportunity for celebration” is in line with her outgoing spirit and endless energy.

Fast and fearless Rita injects stamina and ambition to her team and partners.

She feels mark-comms is the best job in the world and thoroughly enjoys it.

Alexandros I. Dellasoudas
Senior Connect Director

Master of integration and the go-to-guy for difficult operational projects, Alex has delivered complex & multi-dimensional marketing and comms campaigns.

Passionate for technology and inspired by innovation, he enjoys blending experiential marketing expertise & consumer engagement know-how with the endless possibilities of the digital world.  

Ambitious, brave and resilient, with a sharp business acumen, Alex has a coaching mindset that makes him a top a team builder and business developer.   

His mantra “there is no project that cannot be perfectly executed and no challenge that does not lead to a great opportunity”.

Rania Chartofylaka
Senior Content Director, Stardust GM

Rania has won awards and accolades for her work with top international brands, companies and public figures.

Fashion and culture are her soft spots – Rania is a natural in discovering consumer tribes, mining valuable insights and creating memorable campaigns.

Uniquely, she may also juggle brand, product and corporate comms in a seamless and very easy looking way. Looking just as comfortable and assured whether she discusses women’s empowerment initiatives or retail regulation, Rania enjoys her work thoroughly.

It comes as no surprise that she considers marketing comms as a great platform for creativity and self-expression.

Takis Karagiannis
Director, Sustainability & Innovation

A communications strategist with an impressive track record, Takis is experienced in public relations, public affairs, crisis management, and high-profile political situations requesting demanding multi-stakeholder engagement.

As a keen admirer of the “Show, don’t tell” mantra, Takis implements a data-driven rationale in ambitious and integrated campaigns under Sustainability & Innovation pillars.

Athina Georgiadou
Creative Content Director

An experienced creative thinker and lifestyle curator, Athina is a creative content director who has collaborated with top Greek and international brands.

Her extensive experience with fashion and luxury products, makes her the go to person for colleagues and clients interested in new trends and rising cultures.

Athina’s passion is introducing new perspectives and creative inspiration, in a disruptive and out-of-the-box way.

Athina thinks and understands through design – every idea has a visual interpretation, and every design indicates numerous story building opportunities.

Aggelos Filis
Finance Director

An accounting and finance professional who has specialized in the marketing and communications business.

Aggelos is solutions provider, characterized by his knowledgeable decision making, clear thinking and calm persistency.

Resilient and purposeful, he has navigated our agency through a very turbulent decade that has brought major challenges, disruptions, and changes in the way we do business.

Anna Corvinus

Born and raised in Berlin but currently residing in Athens, Anna brings an international flair and expertise to our team.

Passionate for the arts, Anna is a talented musician and classic music lover.

A communication specialist with experience in the hospitality business, Anna has worked in Greece and abroad, for some of the most important international brands and brings international expertise & know-how.

She is a member of the executive committee where she represents MO investments, the majority owner of VALUECOM